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WiFi Upgrade Benefits

  • Optimally allocate Internet bandwidth when and where it is needed for guest rooms, convention halls and public areas to insure guests are experiencing the upmost Wi-Fi quality and the highest degree of satisfaction during their visit.
  • Prioritize the Internet access speeds and quality to reward loyalty or premium guests without sacrificing high quality “Free Access.”
  • Manage undesirable Internet traffic to provide guests with consistent Internet speeds for VoIP calls and Tele-conferencing, and online Webinars as well as mitigate the hotel’s Internet from ever being oversaturated and slow.
  • High Availability of Wi-Fi and internet access systems provides guests and Hotel operations continuous uptime and access to critical applications and corporate systems.
  • Delivering on the promise of constant and reliable Internet access while reducing hotel’s monthly operating costs which can also translate to savings that can be passed along to the guests
  • Provides a redundant telecom infrastructure
  • More ISP links add more performance for WAN-based products
  • Enables bandwidth provider diversification to prevent downtime
  • Enables the use of low-cost links such as DSL and cable modems
  • Guarantees key applications such as VOIP applications, get priority treatment
  • Allows the operator to slow down or shut down undesirable applications
  • Tags guest traffic and prioritizes it according to tier
  • Enables prioritization of Guest Internet from the gateway and out through the proper internet link
  • Even if the Elfiq unit is physically powered off, users and servers will continue operating through the primary link
  • Even if the Elfiq unit is unavailable, guest Internet access continues
  • Promotes maximization of available bandwidth through time-based priorities
  • Enables cost reduction through smarter allocation of resources
  • Existing configurations can be dynamically adjusted based on selected criteria
  • Common usage includes usage of links based on cost, altering priorities based on link conditions or failure and statistics reset
  • Enables maximum uptime for bandwidth availability
  • Proactively configure bandwidth for optimal results
  • Ensures key traffic is used on key links
  • Prevents link saturation by low-priority traffic like peer to peer to be used on expensive links
  • Ensures key applications have enough reserved bandwidth on the selected links
  • Prevents low-priority traffic from using bandwidth reserved for key traffic

Additional Features

Elfiq Priomap:

By working in conjunction with your Guest Internet Gateway, guest traffic is tagged and prioritized according to tier. This way, preferred guests can have the best Internet access.


Time of Day:

The Elfiq Link Balancer can be configured to automatically shift bandwidth throughout the property based on time of day conditions, allowing you to allocate more bandwidth within your property where and when it is needed the most.

App Optimizer:

With this powerful tool you can guarantee that key applications, such as Skype, get priority treatment and undesirables such as peer-to-peer file transfer or gaming are limited or blocked.


High Availability:

Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancers can be paired for additional security and redundancy. Should the first unit fail, the second one will seamlessly take over until corrections are applied. With a High Availability setup with Elfiq Networks, your internet should never experience an outage, allowing your guests and your business consistent uptime.