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Rider University, originally known as Trenton Business College, was founded in 1865 after the civil war. Originally regarded as a business school, the university began to expand to larger spaces and began incorporating more areas of study, eventually adding five new schools of study in the early 1960’s.


Today, students can choose from 70 undergraduate programs and 35 graduate programs, each incorporating the school’s hands-on learning practices to allow students to think critically and take an active role in their education.


The park-like campus of Rider University is located in Lawrenceville, NJ. After a renovation in 2004, a number of the school’s academic buildings, residence halls, and dining facilities were upgraded, while a man-made lake and a scattering of trees give the campus a natural feel.  Rider University boasts a number of clubs and 12 social Greek organizations.

Rider University is home to 20 Division I teams, while the school’s Easter Wrestling League is ranked amount the top 20 in the country. In addition to these teams, there are a number of intramural and club teams to join at the school!